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    Letterman Varsity Jackets Styles

    Letterman varsity jacket styles are widely varied in today's fashion. It wasn't always that way. The jackets' earliest known roots date all the way back to Harvard University in 1865, when the baseball team began placing "H" letters on the front of their flannel shirts. Around te ... Read more

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    Alumni Jacket Styles

    Alumni Jacket StylesAlumni jackets are a cool, comfy and fashionable way to insulate the body from chilly autumn and spring weather. These lightweight jackets are often embroidered or printed with the logo of a favorite sports team, college alumni organization or other group. The ... Read more

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    Varsity Jacket Customization

    Varsity jacket customization is all the rage these days, thanks to the fact that people looking to get a good varsity jacket want to to embody their personal style, passion and affiliation. This can be in terms of color, embroidery, size or logo, and is done en masse or for indiv ... Read more

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    Women's Varsity Jacket Types

     Women's varsity jacket types vary in size, style, color and fit. They are great for school teams and foster a sense of unity. However, if you're a style maven that just wants to wear your varsity jacket off campus, then read on. We have a few choices that will delight your tast ... Read more

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    Men's Varsity Jacket Types

    Men's varsity jacket types vary in size and style, and are great at keeping you warm while at the same time making a statement in regards to your personal style. The choices available on are wide, and cater to whatever your style persuasion might be. Let's take ... Read more

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